About Us


Tekarbon is proud of offering high quality carbon fiber parts made from autoclave technology. All of our parts go through our tedious inspection and final IN-HOUSE POLISHING PROCESS before they get shipped out, unlike other companies who simply pack and ship.

We understand the different needs and preference when it comes to dressing up your bike; therefore we offer a many options such as 1x1 plain weave and 2x2 twill weave, glossy finish and matte finish etc. Either we will have the part ready for you right away, or we will have it specially made for you!

There is MORE about us...

Founded in 1997, Tekarbon started with passion and dedication, we have helped our customers in perfecting their auto modification. Over the years, we have successfully shared our knowledge and expertise in transforming to the ultimate vehicle in both automotive and motorcycle industry.

Motorcycle Parts

Tekarbon has become one of the largest worldwide distributors for carbon fiber motorcycle parts. We love to extend our passion in the combination of carbon fiber and racing/riding to our International customers. We are proud to offer over 800 motorcycle parts to carbon fiber enthusiasts. From body parts like large side fairings to small pieces like heat shield and heel plates, Tekarbon strives to provide one-stop shopping service to our customers for an ultimate modification.

Tekarbon offers a wide selection on OEM replacement. From Japanese bikes like Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda to European and American motorcycles like Ducati and Buell, we are dedicated to deliver innovative carbon fiber aftermarket parts at a competitive price.


BMW carbon fiber CSL diffuser for E46 M3 is known as Tekarbon's signature product within the BMW riders. Tekarbon initially started with automotive aftermarket parts. The diffusers are still one of the popular products after revolutions. Tekarbon selected the essential parts for modification and manufactured it with carbon fiber. From exterior like mirror covers and grilles to interior such as door handles and shift knob, Tekarbon helps the owners of German marques - BMW and Volkswagen - to transform their cars to a beast with the outstanding carbon fiber parts.

Headlights Retrofit

Tekarbon is one of a few companies that offer headlights customization project. Specialized in custom angel eyes for automotives, Tekarbon has many years of experience in converting regular stocked headlights to angel eyes with HID and other options. With our expertise and knowledge, we have successfully retrofitted headlights for various automotive, such as BMW Z4, Honda Fit, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen GTI etc. Tekarbon is the place where you want your headlights to be one of a kind.