BMW lovers now can expect a newly announced series  from BMW. More details on the new “i” brand will be announced at the press in Germany on February 21, 2011 .

According to BMWblog, “The project lays under the umbrella of maximum sustainability: from the production process, starting with the first supplier, through to component recycling at the end of the vehicle life cycle, sustainability based on the three cornerstones of eco-friendliness, economic efficiency and social compatibility must be the main process driver.”

TEKARBON has been offering different carbon fiber parts such as mirror covers, diffuser, grille, trunk for BMW M3 and Z4, will TEKARBON extend their carbon fiber to this new “i” brand? We still don’t know yet.

TEKARBON carbon fiber mirror cover for BMW Z4

TEKARBON carbon fiber mirror cover for BMW Z4

We are excited to hear more from BMW on this coming Monday about the new sub-brand of BMW.

[Source: BMWblog]

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